Archiving Time: Aging & Legacy

My work was included in the exhibition, Archiving Time: Aging & Legacy organized by Light Leaked, a bi-monthly online photography magazine. Learn more about Light Leaked and see work from all of the included artists here

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Flypaper @ VERSA Gallery

Collaborative Work with
Douglas Degges
VERSA Gallery
Chattanooga, TN

Exhibition Dates: December 7th - December 28th
Opening Reception: December 7th 6-10pm

Flypaper is an exhibition of recent collaborative work by Douglas Degges and Sarah Phyllis Smith. The work explores the space between idea and feeling through the pairing and layering of text and image. Image-making is approached as a physical thinking process and objects become containers for shared memories. For Sarah, whose work is often rooted in autobiographical narrative, this work is a move toward improvisation and abstraction. For Douglas, this work marks an embrace of representational imagery and storytelling.

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VERSA Gallery

VERSA Gallery

fish hotel @ Space 204: Vanderbilt University

fish hotel
Space 204
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Exhibition Dates: June 13th - August 30th
Closing Reception: August 30th 4-6pm

Fish Hotel is a two-person exhibition of recent video, photographic, and sculptural work by Douglas Degges and Sarah Phyllis Smith. Both artists explore the space between idea and feeling, where creative processes move between being verbal and non-verbal. This space is the ground upon which invention, storytelling, and identity building take place. Here, image-making is approached as a physical thinking process and objects become vehicles for memory and containers of place. For this exhibition, both Sarah and Douglas are working with materials and processes not typically found in their studio practices. For Sarah, whose photographs remain rooted in autobiographical narratives, this work is a move toward abstraction. Images, objects, and sounds are broken down into their simplest forms. Douglas’s work, which typically engages painting and abstraction, embraces representational imagery and storytelling. Looking to the landscape of Northern Louisiana for subject matter and inspiration, Douglas welcomes play, material exploration, and the use of found objects into his studio practice for the first time.

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Won't Lovers Revolt Now @ Whitespace Gallery curated by The Fuel and Lumber Company

The Fuel And Lumber Company Presents: Won't Lovers Revolt Now
works by Ben Estes, Rubens Ghenov, Iva Gueorguieva, Dana Haugaard, Las Hermanas Iglesias, Lisa Iglesias, Matt Phillips, and Sarah Smith.

Whitespace Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Opening reception, Friday, June 22nd 7-10pm

Exhibition Dates, June 22nd-July 28th, 2018

Won’t Lovers Revolt Now is a group exhibition guest-curated by The Fuel and Lumber Company of Birmingham, Alabama (est. 2013). Borrowing its title from a take-away object/poster by Las Hermanas Iglesias, the exhibition presents the work of eight artists, working in diverse media - from equally diverse cultural and conceptual positions. The connective tissue that unites the work is a poetic approach to art making, one that simultaneously embodies the fragility and vulnerability of life in contemporary society, but does so with belief and conviction in the power of art to transform in the face of the oppressive forces that currently confront us. 

Las Hermanas Iglesias ,  Won’t Lovers Revolt Now , limited edition 11 x 17 double-sided poster

Las Hermanas Iglesias, Won’t Lovers Revolt Now, limited edition 11 x 17 double-sided poster

Interview with Photo-Emphasis

PHOTO–EMPHASIS is a platform for showcasing current and diverse photography made by established and emerging artists. Through weekly features and interviews, we aim to highlight work by photography educators, students, and practitioners; providing an opportunity to feature personal projects and share information about their affiliated institution.

Our mission is to cultivate a resource that aids in promoting photographic art, education, and community, for those committed to and newly joining the medium. 

PHOTO–EMPHASIS was founded by artists Alec Kaus and Rana Young, both University of Nebraska–Lincoln alumni, in June 2017.


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